Company Profile


The Object of the Company is:

1.    The Construction, Installation, Operation and Exploitation of Photovoltaic Electrical Power Production Stations  in accordance with the provisions of Laws 2244/1994, 2773/1999, 3468/2006 and 3851/2010 as in force today and as it may be amended in the future but also in accordance with any other provisions of laws under which the construction, installation, operation, subsidy, allowance and exploitation of Photovoltaic Electrical Power Production Stations in the areas Psiloma of the Tanagra Municipality (former Dervenochorion Municipality) of Viotia Prefecture and Lykalona of Nafplieon Municipality of Argolida Prefecture is permitted.

2.    The undertaking and execution of Technical Works of any nature, from Public, Municipal, Private and in general legal entities or organizations or associations of any nature in Greece or abroad .

3.    The undertaking and execution of all kinds of designs, supervisions and research.

4.    The acquisition, sale, procurement, trading of wind turbines, machinery, tools, products and equipment in general of Greek or foreign origin.  

5.    The sale, trading and disposition of any kind of the electrical power produced by the above Plants and the carrying out of the relevant business activities.

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